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Trick Google Chrome to save password

Today I was trying to get Google chrome to save my username and password for a web site but it would not offer me to save it. This web site uses the browser popup for login credentials (which is caused by the server sending back HTTP 401: Unauthorized). Chrome would show the popup and I could login after entering credentials, but would not offer to save it. My settings related to saving passwords was correct and this site was not in the "Do not save" list. I tried many solutions, like deleting files from App Data folder or even uninstalling and re-installing chrome. Until I found an interesting behaviour by accident. More...

CSS Friendly Menu, Problems with Chrome and IE6

After realizing that menu is generating a huge HTML and causes the application pages to be large and slow, I decided to use CSS friendly control adapters. It reduced the page size by 50 KB, but I had some challenges to get it to show the way I wanted it. Here I want to share some of the things I learned along the way:More...

ReportViewer control toolbar in Google Chrome browser

SQL Server Reporting Services ReportViewer control has a toolbar that is not displayed correctly in Google Chrome browser. You will see something like this:

 The correct display looks like this:

A workaround I'm using is to use JavaScript to find DIV and TABLE elements in the above toolbar and change their "display" style to "inline-block".

Following code can be added to the bottom of the page to accomplish this:More...