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Trick Google Chrome to save password

Today I was trying to get Google chrome to save my username and password for a web site but it would not offer me to save it. This web site uses the browser popup for login credentials (which is caused by the server sending back HTTP 401: Unauthorized). Chrome would show the popup and I could login after entering credentials, but would not offer to save it. My settings related to saving passwords was correct and this site was not in the "Do not save" list. I tried many solutions, like deleting files from App Data folder or even uninstalling and re-installing chrome. Until I found an interesting behaviour by accident.

My account on the site got locked for typing wrong password multiple times and when I entered wrong password after 3 times Chrome stopped showing the login popup and directed me to an error page, where it also offered to save my password, which I accepted. After that chrome started pre-populating the login popup. I got my account unlocked and entered the right password in the popup and it has been working perfectly since.

I tried another approach to get the "Save Password" offer which is easier and does not involve locking the account. What I did was to specify a page name which does not exist on the site, for example (or asp, or aspx, or...). After entering credentials in the login popup of the browser it redirected me to an error page which I was given the option to save my password. 

I spend too much time to get this working, so I hope this post is useful to others.

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This works, thank you! At least for my site with basic authentication (popup window).
In my case I did following steps:

1. Change password on server to something temporary.
2. Try to login with correct username and old password (the password you want to use).
3. The popup window will come back with error message - now cancel it.
4. Now Chrome offers to save the password on the page which says Authorization Required - save it!
5. Change the password on server back to the right one.


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