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Welcome to my new blog

I know it's way past due, but i finally decided to spend the time and get this blog software setup on my site.

When I started the web site (early 1999), my idea was to have a web site to share my thoughts and knowledge. At that time the concept of blogging was not as popular as it is now, and obviously there was no pre-existing software for it, so I started with some simple static HTML files. After I got more involved with creating web application using classic ASP, I converted my site to an ASP web site so I could re-use parts of the UI, and that was it. So, is still a Classic ASP site for now, until I find the time to move all my previous articles to this new blog.

But before I move old contents to this new system, I may start with some new articles.

In case you need to find those old pages use this link

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